Joseph Palombo, Founding Chair (US)

Mission Statement

The International Forum on Learning Disabilities (IFoLD) is an organization devoted to furthering the understanding of the impact of learning disabilities on the development of children, adolescents and adults. It recognizes that this impact may be complex and multifaceted. Learning disabilities may profoundly affect an individualšs sense of self, relationships with others, and social, academic, professional and everyday functioning.

IFoLD is dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge about the difficulties faced by individuals with learning disabilities and their families, and about the treatment interventions used to alleviate these difficulties. These interventions are guided by an effort to understand the subjective experience of the individuals involved, drawing on information about the complex interplay of cognitive, emotional, behavioural, familial, and environmental factors.

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Margaret Amerongen, Chair 2004–2006 (Canada)
Eva Rass, ViceChair (Germany)
Marco Bernabei (Italy)
Amy Eldridge (US)
Susanna Federic-Nebbiosi (Italy)
Faye Mishna (Canada)